Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few bright spots...

Get 'em where you can, right?

1. They are letting me wear my own clothes. No more wrestling with the hospital gown all night long and no more flashing my behind at everyone that dares to walk in the room when I'm not in the bed.

2. I spoke to a lactation consultant today. After checking my insurance she told me that if my baby was put in the NICU, my insurance would pay for the MACK DADDY electric breast pump at 100%. Those run $300+ a piece and since preemies aren't able to eat on their own, it's a medical neccessity.

3. I have a great support system of women through a play group that Jack and I joined last Dec. Folks are going out of their way, offering to bring meals and help take care of the boys to give my mom some time. With Jeff working 10 hours days and spending his off days with me, that leaves little time for my mom to relax a bit. Thank you ladies!!!!

4. I have family willing to drive/fly cross country to be here and stay for the duration.

5. Jeff's work has agreed to put him back on dayshift as of today. YEAH!!! This will make life easier on me, him, the boys and my mom.

I'll continue to add to this list and things come to me and the bright spots reveal themselves.


  1. Pam and Jeff,

    Passing the time in a hospital is never fun, so let us know what will occupy our time...if you are taking pics, there is only so much you can take pictures of...so how about Sudoku, or crossword puzzles. Let us know and we'll get some books together to aid in passing the time. Take care.

    Capt Darrell Apilado/VED Flight

  2. Okay so trying to figure out something to help you make the torture chamber a little easier to bear. What kind of magazines, puzzle books, games, etc. do you like?!
    Email me tabbynjohnny@yahoo.com