Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's Ultrasound

The good news is, there is no change. Cervix is still where it was almost two weeks ago. So, we're still here and our bun is still baking. On a funny note, she also did an abdominal scan to see the baby's heart rate. We caught him sucking his foot...LOL Not his thumb, but his foot. We could also see him trying to breath, so that's a good thing also. He's still active, moving and giving the nurses a hard time when they try to put me on the monitor in the morning. He'll kick the monitor and run deep. They usually have to get the monitor on him and then tie it down tight to pin him down.

They are supposed to do an US for growth early next week. The tech told me they had new machines that had printers with them. Hopefully they'll have them up and running next week and I'll have new US pics to share.

Thanks again for everyone for your continued help and support. We REALLY appreciate it.


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