Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dangit, dangit, dangit!!!!

Here I thought I was in the home stretch and would get to go home at 32 weeks. Well, the Dr was here talking about how at 32 weeks there is less chance of labor being so quick that I wouldn't make it back HERE and as long as I lived CLOSE... Ummmm Hello, I live an hour away in Gautier, MS. OH, well you'll be here until 34 weeks then.

So now, instead of having 1 and a half weeks left I have 3 and a half weeks left.


  1. I know that news must be heart breaking for you and your boys. Hang in there Mama! Your doing the best you can. You'll look back at Thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for there will be no regrets.

  2. Pam! I had no idea!! Glad I hopped on props at MIDNIGHT when I finally had 5 extra minutes! ugh

    I will read all this today & catch up. You know I can get to the hospital in like 30 min or so....IF YOU NEED anything let me know!! I will be there in a heartbeat! (or a few at least, lol)

    Praying for you friend!

  3. How disappointing. :( But you're doing great and you've already been in there longer than that, right? So you can do it!