Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm famous!

Actually my cervix is famous. The Dr came in the morning and told me that the US of my ugly cervix was going to be in a text book he's writing with a colleage. There are three high risk OBs here and this Dr had not actually looked at my US until today. He'd heard from Dr. Baker how ugly it was already. She told him she knew better than to look at the second US because she knew it scared her to see the 1st one. I guess it's by shear will that this baby is still inside me and not in the NICU.

He also said they wouldn't be testing my sugar anymore because they had been text book perfect and at least he can get rid of that torture for me. Evidently, if I was going to develope gestational diabetes, we'd be seeing signs by now.

Not much else going on...

We're still here!


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