Thursday, October 2, 2008

The joys of being in a teaching hospital

You are NEVER left alone. I'm a pretty low maintenance patient. I don't have an IV. I take Procardia every 8 hours and Heparin every 12. But my day starts are 5:30am with the on call Resident coming in my room to ask if I've had any problems overnight. Ummmm nope, if I'd been having ANY problems overnight, you'd have heard from me. I roll over and 6:00am the nurse comes in take my blood pressure, temperature. Then someone else is 15min behind her to listen to the baby's heartbeat and sometime there someone else has come in to give me my Procardia. 6:30am, a Med Student comes in and asks me the same questions the Resident asked me an hour before. Ummmm nope, nothing has changed in the last hour. 7:00am, breakfast. 7:30am come in and hook me up for an NST. If the baby cooperates and stays on the monitor, it takes 30min. If the baby doesn't cooperate or the nurse just forgets about me, it can be anywhere from 45min to an hour. 8:00am Dietary comes in to get your tray and go over you menu with you. I've been here for two weeks, I think I know how to fill the darn thing out. Now, around 8:30am, the nursing students come in to do your vitals again. They are encouraging you to take a shower so they can change your bed linens. But you aren't ready to take a shower because the Drs are rounding and you don't want to miss them. So she comes in every 15 min asking if you're ready to get in the shower. Then they wonder WHY you are napping before noon. UGH!


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