Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday's OB appt @ 34w4d

Still no contractions and still only 1-2 cent dilated. YEAH!!!! Nathan is now 5lb 4oz and measuring right on schedule at 34w4d when the Dr did the ultrasound on Thursday. I have a few 3d pics to share, I just have to get them scanned. I'm a little far along for them to be very good, but I think he has Jeff's chin. :) He also still has his feet up over his head and is not just breech but butt down breech. I promise to get the US pics up sometime this weekend.

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  1. hey i hope all is well. i hate that i did not see you before you left. i was in philly last week. i am so glad everything is going so good and you have made it so far. well got to go trying to get off of work. tell jeff and the boys hi for me.