Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's OB Appt

Went to the Dr today and everything is still status quo. No changes what so ever, except for my SIZE...LOL I am now offically off bedrest!!!!! I can do anything I feel like doing. Dr even said, "You don't have to tell your husband I said this, but you can even have sex if you want too." BWAHAHAHAHAHA

I am Group B Strep positive, which is no real big deal. They'll just have to give me IV antibiotics when I go into labor so I don't pass it on to Nathan. Evidently about 20% of women test positive for GBS and never know they have it until they get pregnant.

We talked about how if this boy doesn't show any signs of turning soon, we'll schedule a C-Section, especially since he has his feet up over his head also. I don't want to ever try a Version to turn him. It's only about 30% successful and PAINFUL to do. After all we've been through, I'd rather go the path of least resistance. ;) I go back on Monday Dec 1st and we'll do another US.

I was joking around with my Dr about how, after all we did to keep him in, we'll have to evict him to get him out. My Dr laughed and said it was a real possibility. He promised me that I would not be in the hospital over Christmas, so if I am still showing no signs of labor, they'll induce me around Dec 11 or 12. If he is still breech, we'll schedule a C-Section for one of those dates. So I guess we have a "baby no later than" date of Dec 12.

It's getting so close!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! Now that I know he's safe, I'm getting so excited.


  1. Woo hoo! way to go Pam. I was also group b positive. Only thing with going natural is Madison didn't get all the antibiotics before delivery so she had to get them in an iv after she was here.
    Congrats and can't wait to meet him. Oh btw any preference on Tuesdays mommy meal?

  2. Well, ok then. All I can say is I wish I'd known before you had a blog. Taylor and I just sat here and read all of your blogs on here. VERY EXCITING!!!!Loved the pics of your belly-you're just so cute. The babes are gorgeous as always and I can't wait to see them-LOVE LOVE LOVE the name! Taylor and I agreed on that one. I am so glad to see you doing so well and excited that you're at home. Sorry not to have been in touch lately-things have been crazy. GOOD LUCK!! Hope that little one turns so you can experience all the dubious "joys" of natural childbirth-LOLOLOLOLOL! Love ya! JENN
    PS Taylor thinks Jack and Michael are as adorable as ever but the baby just looks like a black and white blob to her-LOL That was after I pointed out all the obvious fingers,toes, head and Jeff's chin- hopefully her eye will be more discerning before she grows up and gets US pics of her own kids!