Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lost a good friend this weekend...

Donald Wayne Burge Jr. passed away Saturday January 4th @ Tulane Hospital in New Orleans. Donald and I met working at the Cingular Wireless call center, affectionately known to many as the inner most circle of hell. :-)

What can I say about Donald...
He could be a big goof, funny and sweet, but he could also be infuriating. We didn't always get along, but we were always friends. Donald was the kind of person that would always be there when you wanted or needed him to be. He'd be the first in line to help and the last to leave. When he loved, he loved BIG and you knew it. You knew he loved his wife, step daughter and family.
He was around through a lot of my infertility struggles and was so happy for us when we adopted Jack and Michael. He came to see me at the hospital the day Nathan was born. I hate he didn't get to see him, they had already taken him to the NICU at Memorial in Gulfport by the time Donald got off work. I don't think there was anyone any happier for us and our boys than Donald.

Requiescat in pace Donald


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