Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jack's Theatrical Debut

Jack had his 1st school production today. The 3 and 4yo's put on a Mother Goose Circus. Jack did so good at the two days of practice, but wanted nothing to do with it today. I took him back stage to his teacher and he began to cry. I was able to get away, (usually he calms down after I leave)but he did not stop crying. One of the teachers carried him out on stage and he sat in her lap crying. Eventually she had to bring him off stage. We went out front and he eventually calmed down enough to go back inside to watch the rest of the show. As the time got closer for his group to perform, I talked him into going back on stage. He did well during his performance, but as soon as he walked off stage he started crying again wanting me.

Here is a video of his performance. I couldn't get very close to the stage so it's a little grainy, but Jack is the cute dark headed sailor front and center. :) It's sad that as soon as he really started getting into it, they cut the music.


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