Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ok... Ok... Ok....

I know I said I'd be better about posting to the blog and I really intended to be better. I did, really, I promise... But just think, now you get one BIG post with pictures, video and updates.

Nathan turned 7mo on July 1st. I swear he just gets bigger every time I look at him. He has 4 teeth now. He looks at the food we are eating and licks his lips. LOL I swear he'd probably eat a chicken leg if he could get it in his mouth. He's still a very happy baby and rarely cries. He loves for ANYONE to talk to him and is turning into quite the flirt. He's not stitting up completely on his own, but is trying very hard. He just gets so excited he falls right over.

Michael turned 13mo on July 5th. He's not walking unassisted yet, but he is cruising the furniture, crawling and he is getting very independent. He's eating anything we put in front of him and is self feeding very well. We are teaching him sign language like we did Jack and he is using the sign for more. I know he understands Milk and Eat but he hasn't started using them yet. He has 6 teeth, 2 bottom and 4 on top. Two of the top ones are just starting to peek through the gums.

Jack will turn 4yo on July 10th. Where has all the time gone. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from Mobile. He finished up his Soccer season this past Saturday and is very proud of his trophy. We'll be having his birthday party on Saturday July 11th at a place called Kangarooz in D'Iberville. It's an inflatable bounce place and it's HUGE. A few little friends, pizza, cake and ice cream. What more could a 4yo want? Right? We intend to get him a bike for his birthday.

Not much better than sketties sauce on your face and new teeth!

It's hard to get a pic of Jack anymore where he's not hugging on one of his brothers.

Or mugging w/one of his brothers.

Obligatory bath tub pictures!

That's a whole lotta man! Check out those guns!

What Nathan thinks about peas...

GOAL!!!! Ok, he doesn't quite understand the concept of not using his hands. But he'll get it!

Mobile Michael... he's on the lose and it's only a matter of time folks.


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