Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adventures in Gardening

With the cost of food rising, I really want to try my hand at a garden this summer. My grandparents always had a HUGE garden and I grew up with the benefits of fresh corn, beans, peas, watermelons and canteloupes etc... Now we don't live in a area that would allow us to plant a huge garden like my grandparents have and I really don't have the equipment to dig one up. However, in my wonderings of the internet one day, I found an article about Straw Bale gardening. You can't use pine straw or hay, so it means searching for wheat or oat straw bales. In my search, I've found you can't find wheat straw bales on the gulf coast. However, I've found a place up in Hattiesburg that sells them for $5.50 a bale. Next weekend I plan to make a trip to Hattiesburg with the trailer and pick up about 10 bales to start my garden. Now to decide what to plant...

I hope to keep a running journal of our Adventures in Gardening. Hopefully I'll be better at it than I've been lately.
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