Friday, September 19, 2008

Catch up posts

I have cut and paste these posts from Jeff's website. They pretty much get us up to today's date.

9/18/2008, 5:27 pm
Pam has been moved to the High Risk OB Ward. She is out of imminent danger of early delivery. The doctors are waiting to see how she does and determine if she can leave here maybe Monday. If not, she can stay as long as her 34th week. She's free from all her tubes and wires. She's allowed to get up and do necessary things, but is to stay her rear in bed. Pam's mother and her sister are in town. They're going to take the boys and help when she gets home. Should she come home, she'll be on strict bed rest and have weekly trips to the doctor. I'll be staying with Pam again tonight. At least this hospital has little couches that turn into a decent bed.

9/18/2008, 12:18 AM
Another doctor stopped by to talk to us. He said that the imminent threat of early delivery has passed. They've removed her catheter and given her the OK to eat. She hasn't had any food since yesterday morning; she's hon-gar-ee. Since Pam is doing so well, the doctor is going to stop the Procardia medicine and see if she has any contractions. If she's still free of contractions, they will move her to the high risk OB floor. Doc said that's one step to getting out of here. Pam's looking forward to moving upstairs; the beds are much more comfortable. There is some talk of her going home in a few days on strict bed rest. So, as long as the little bug stays put, we should be in good shape. Thanks for the name suggestions, Dave. Those are awesome names. We've even considered one as the first and one as the middle name. Pam is also throwing around the name Daniel. What do you guys thing? Let us know.

9/18/2008, 9:34 AM
We just woke up and Pam is in good spirits. We were talking to he day nurse and she really nice. There is talk of Pam being transferred to high risk OB ward if she continues to stabilize. The bed I slept was a pretzel machine in a former life. Pam's mom is on here down from Ohatchee, AL and Denise, Pam's sister, is due into Mobile Airport around 2:30 PM. Right now, she is make phone calls and working on the internet. I, on the other hand, am looking for a good cup of coffee.

9/17/2008, 10:33 PM
Pam has been admitted to USA Women's and Children's Hospital. All this weekend she was feel poorly and finally this morning she decided to the doctor's office and get checked out. The doctor discovered the she was a little bit dilated and 50% effaced. Luckily, she's had no contractions. The plan is for her to stay here until she's at 34 weeks or has delivered the baby. She is going to hate staying here for 7 weeks, but she is motivated to do what it takes to have a healthy baby. Thanks Mel for coming to the rescue. Tonight, the boys are with friends to whom we are truly grateful. Thanks Ren and Karen. Her medical staff are really cool. The docs have been fully informative and the nursing staff have bent over backwards to make Pam and I as comfortable as a hospital room can be. Thanks to Drs Varner and Meredith and to Ms. April, Pam's nurse. The room has public WiFi so I will try to be vigilant to keep this up to date. Feel free to email Pam and I. Any suggestions for a name for our new boy to be? Hopefully, we have some time, but we have to come up with a winner in case he arrives earlier than we expect.


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