Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Names

Jeff and I figured since this little one may come sooner than planned, we need to get on the stick with picking out a name. We have a few in mind, but figured we'd ask for input from friends and family. We already have two boys named, William John (Jack) and Michael Ian, so those names are out. We also do not want to use Joseph, Harry, James, Edmond, David, Patrick, Jacob, Brian, Lewis, Louis, Francis, Steve Or Phelonius. No offense to folks with these names, we just already have close family with those names already. Just add your suggestions to the comment boxes below. Please give a 1st and middle name and once we have several we'll set up a poll for folks to vote.



  1. Well, of course my first pick is "Lucas Lucas" but I'm sure that's out. :) So my second pick would be Aidan Christopher.

  2. How about Chancler - you could call him Chance. Our prayers are with all teh Lucas'.

  3. Here are my two....Elijah Daniel Lucas or my old one Caleb Emmanuel Lucas (Ren didn't want to use his middle name, silly boy) and the best part no weird initials! Elijah was #30 on the SSA's most popular names of 2007 and Caleb was #36, so not too bad. Daniel was #5 and Emmanuel was #154.

  4. I think the Lucas Lucas comment that tracy made is a riot, but I'd have to come out there and smack you if you did that!!! LOL I also like the name Christopher.... kinda partial, don'tcha know!! How about Andrew Christopher. Call him "AC" as a nick name??

    You know that you are in our prayers. Both kids ask about "Miss Pam and Mr. Jeff" everytime they call. They asked to be kept up on the news so I've sent them the blog address. We love you and miss you!!
    Sue and Chris

  5. As in the vm message I left you and going with the name flow you already have. I personally think Christopher would be a great choice.

    I believe Christopher Daniel sounds beautiful. I am also partial to the name Colin.

    I had to LOL logging in here to see that quite a few of your suggestions say Christopher ;-).