Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jack's 1st soccer practice

Jack had his 1st soccer practice. Jeff said he did well for his 1st time out. He was done after about 25-30 min. Jeff was very impressed with Coach Bob and Coach Art. He said that they were very patient and kind with the kids. He also meet Coach Bob's wife Jennifer and said that she was very nice and offered her help in making sure that Jack was able to make it to practice and games. We do appreciate all the kind offers of help we have received.

People have asked for me to share his soccer schedule so I've included it below.

All of these games are at 8am at Freedom Field in Ocean Springs.


Here are a few pictures of our little soccer star.

I can move the ball!

I can kick the ball!

And then boredom set in...

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  1. That last one is cute. :) I'm sorry you had to miss it. :( :(