Saturday, September 27, 2008

Small update

Well, not a whole lot that is really new. I'm still here, bun is still in oven, no contractions, bleeding, etc...etc...

When the Dr came in this morning, I asked her what was our goal for me to get out of here. She said that they would check me at 32 weeks and if there were no changes and my OB was comfortable with me delivering at 32 weeks they would send me home on bed rest and Procardia. If I were to go into labor after that, as long as the baby's lungs were mature, they would stop the meds and let me deliver. Evidently the 32 weeks is when the danger of a brain bleed goes away. When I was being admitted to OS Hospital for transfer to USA, my OB actually mentioned me being here until the 34 week mark. So I'm imagining that his comfort level is 34 weeks. So I may be in here another 4 weeks, I may be in here another 6 weeks.


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