Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up again, Up again

At least I waited until 6am to wake up this time. However, Jeff and I sat up until 2ish watching comedy central. UGH! I'm starting to have some side effects from the Procardia. I'm HOT HOT HOT! I'm having horrible hot flashes and wake up from it regularly. Not NEAR as bad as the Mag Sulfate, but irritating all the same.

Jeff's leaving today to go home for the week. I want him here as long as possible, but I also I want him to leave early enough to spend some time with the boys. It will be good for him and for them. We're having a hard time getting the web cam to work behind the hospital firewall. Some suggested using Yahoo instead of MSN Messenger so we are going to try that today. If I can get my web cam working, I can spend a little time with my boys every day. I need that desperately.
I've included a couple of snapshots of my sweet beautiful boys above. Jack is getting so big, he looks so grown up. Michael is getting to be quite the chunky monkey and is not going to be a little peanut like Jack was, at all.
Jack will be starting soccer soon. We registered him for 3yo soccer and the first game is Oct 11. It's going to be so cute. A field full of 3yo's running up and down the field, chasing a ball. Sounds like T-ball on steroids. I was so looking forward to watching him play. Lots of pictures and video, lots and lots and lots. Good things data is cheap, huh? :) I make sure to post a game schedule once we have one. I'm looking forward to getting him into T-ball in the spring also. Nothing cuter than T-Ball...LOL
I'll get Jeff to take another belly shot before he leaves today. The last one was last Sunday, so I guess we'll make it a Sunday ritual to take a pic before he goes home for the week. I actually have the shirt and shorts I was wearing when we took the last picture here at the hospital. I'll wait until after I have my shower to spare you all the sight of my greasy hair and oil/sweaty face.. Sounds PREEEETTTTYYYY doesn't it? Hopefully we'll have 7 or 8+ more of these pictures before this little man makes his appearence.
We're still working on a name for him, so make sure you go to the "Baby Name" post below and add you suggestions to the comments. When we get a few more, we'll start a poll and see which is a favorite. Make sure you suggest the 1st and middle name combo.
I guess I'm done for now, but I'm sure I'll be back sometime later today. Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming!!! We need ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!!!!


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