Friday, January 23, 2009

Click and Pull BABY!!! (aka Our Trip to Mobile)

The best thing Sam's has ever come up with. I did all of my Sam's shopping online yesterday, hit order and someone else went and pulled it all for me. All we had to do was go in, pay for it and take it out of the store. This accomplishes two things...

1. No cruising around the store and buying all of those things you don't really need.

2. No need to carry three children to Sam's shopping for hours.


We went to Mobile today. A friend of mine had surgery at Mobile Infirmary yesterday. So we stopped by to see her. We also went by Dr. Koulianos' office and the High Risk OB floor and USA Children's and Women's to show off Nathan. We all made it home safe and sound around 4:30. Things went pretty smoothly for our motley crewe. Michael was a little grouchy because he only slept an hour this morning. But, as long as you kept him moving, he was pretty happy.

We're getting better at getting everyone up, ready and out of the house. Eventually it'll all come naturally. :-)


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