Sunday, January 25, 2009

How much can 1 small 3yo eat?

You'd be amazed! Those of you who know Jack, know he is a tiny little man. While he's still on the growth chart for his age, he's BARELY on the growth chart for his age. Last time we weighed him, he was only 27 lbs. Michael is going to out weigh him before he's a year old.

What is amazing, is how much this boy eats and still doesn't gain weight. So far between 7am and 10am he has eaten:

2 bowls of Multi Grain Cheerios
Handful of Gold Fish
Large handful of Wheat Thins
Two Graham Crackers
1/4 of Mommy's Quesadilla
A few bites of Daddy's Quesadilla

And he's asking for more!!!!!!!

Where does he put it all???


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