Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So you've seen those UPS Store commercials... right?

Don't believe a word of it. As you may remember from a previous post, I purchased a Mack Daddy stroller through Ebay. The person I purchased it from took it to the UPS Store for them to pack and ship it. 1st off, they held on to the stroller for a week because they didn't have a box big enough. They didn't bother notify myself or the shipper that the stroller was still sitting in their store. It was only after the stroller didn't arrive when it should have that I contacted the shipper and she contacted the store. They finally shipped it Wednesday of last week and it was delivered last night. It was broken when it got here. One of the front wheels was completely snapped off. Below you will see pictures of the "wonderful" packing job and you will be completely amazed that it was "somehow" broken in transit.

I am SO TICKED OFF about this. I have been waiting and waiting for this stroller. This was my chance to get out and about with all three kids at the same time and now it's BROKEN. ARRRGGGG!!!!!


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