Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He's HUGE!!!!!

We went to a playdate at the Children's Park in Ocean Springs on Monday after preschool. As we were entering the park a lady with a baby stopped to talk to a friend of mine. I asked her how old her son was and she said 5mo. I looked down at Nathan and said, he'll be 5mo on the 1st. As my 12mo sat there looking up at her sporting his 12mo sized outfit. She looked down at him and went "He's HUGE!" That's my boy! Now granted, her 5mo was a little thing. But I wish I had my camera with me to take a picture of them side by side. It would have been HILARIOUS!

Michael and Nathan are now wearing the same size clothes Michael is still a little larger and is on the top end of the size. However, Nathan is coming up fast and furious...LOL

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  1. You got to love the chunky monkies! Madison has been wearing 12 months since about 5 months old.